Divisions and Dissolutions

Occasionally, owners of a business are best served by dividing the remaining assets and dissolving the entity.  This can occur because the business itself is not meeting expectations, there is a dispute among the owners or a death of the matriarch or patriarch.  Some dissolutions are easy, such as when all the owners agree and simply involves documenting the owners’ agreement and filing the appropriate paperwork.  Other times dividing assets of a business can be complicated as a variety of issues arise, such as valuations, income taxes, estate taxes and each party’s objectives.  Two stated objectives may be in direct conflict with each other and owners may not see an easy way to reconcile the positions.  These are the situations where DeAngelis Legal can assist by creating a solution that is simple and practical given the situation.

Solutions could include one party buying out the other, selling the assets of the business and distributing the proceeds, agreeing to terms for the continued co-ownership of the business, seeking a judicial dissolution, bankruptcy or simply winding down the operations of the business and dissolving the entity.  Each situation is unique, so DeAngelis Legal uses its experience on past dissolutions and business services to fashion a solution that fits the situation.  From simple paperwork filings to disentangling a variety of assets, DeAngelis Legal can assist you with your business division or dissolution. 

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