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The Letter of Intent

After the confidentiality agreement, the Letter of Intent is the next step in the sale of a business and is intended to be a non-binding document which outlines the material deal points of the transaction. Sellers want to know what the material terms of the offer are, and Buyers want to know that their [...]

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2017 Q2 Business Planning

The curse of the handshake deal. Few people enter into a new business or transaction expecting to lose money. However, it happens more often than not because the parties have not thought through common issues that can come up and agreed how to resolve them. Afterwards, we hear: “I should have called you before…” “I [...]

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2017 Q2 Estate Planning

Ah spring. With the first set of income tax filings behind us, it is time to think about spring cleaning and summer plans, and estate planning is no different. Take this opportunity to review and assess your personal finances and ask a few questions: 1. Are your investments titled properly to protect you and your [...]

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3 Year-End Business Legal Tips

As business owners turn their attention to the fourth quarter, their minds turn to what needs to be done before year end.  Most successful organizations are good at their business and don't have a lot of legal issues so their corporate records get overlooked or pushed to the bottom of the pile, year after year. [...]

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3 Year-End Estate Planning Tips

The last two months of the year are always busy.  Family, friends, and events pile up on each other making you long for the slow pace of summer.  With this in mind, we don't recommend an exhaustive analysis at this time, but like the 3 year-end estate planning tips below to review at year-end.  Otherwise, [...]

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August 2016 Real Estate

Real Estate Represented the seller with the negotiations and documentation of the bulk sale of residential lots and seller carryback loan documents.  DeAngelis Legal previously represented this elderly client with a variety of legal issues over the years, including estate planning, probate, acquisition of the lender’s interest in a note and deed of trust, transfer [...]

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August 2016 Estate Planning

Estate Planning Created simple estate plan for widow with two children.  Elderly new client desired that her assets be divided equally between her children, but if a child predeceased her she wanted to disinherit one of her grandchildren.  She also wanted one daughter to manage all financial decisions, but the other daughter to make her [...]

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August 2016 Business Services

Business Law Formed several entities to hold real estate investments.  Middle aged executive and his wife desired to shield their personal assets from their real estate investments and simplify the management of their real estate activities in connection with their estate plan which DeAngelis Legal had previously prepared.  Working with their financial advisor and CPA, [...]

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July 2016 Estate Planning

Estate Planning Update July, 2016 2016 Annual Gift Tax Exemption:  remains at $14,000 per donor, per donee. 2016 Gift and Estate Tax Exemption:  rose to $5,450,000 per donor, inflation adjusted. Marital Deduction for Transfers to U.S. Spouse:  unlimited. 2016 Generation Skipping Tax Exemption:  $5,450,000 per donor, inflation adjusted. Top rate for Federal Estate, Gift and Generation [...]

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July 2016 Trust Administration

Trust Administration Assisted trustee with recovery of real estate improperly removed from trust.  Father of three prepared a trust governing the rights and obligations of his children with respect to the family cabin with another attorney.  However, prior to his death father became extremely weak and was in and out of the hospital.  Towards the [...]

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