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August 2019 Mergers and Acquisitions

Assisted long time mid-market corporate client with the sale of their business.  The transaction was structured as an “F-reorganization” for tax purposes in lieu of a stock sale.  For a description of the benefits of this type of transaction see   DeAngelis Legal assisted the sellers with all phases of the transaction, including the [...]

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August 2019 Estate Planning

Represented current client with the preparation of a revised estate plan.  DeAngelis Legal previously represented client with her estate plan and she desired to make changes after her recent wedding.  DeAngelis Legal assisted with a review of the previous estate planning documents and helped clarify how assets would be allocated between her new spouse, his [...]

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July 2019 Probate Administration

DeAngelis Legal represented the personal representative with a simple probate of a will.   Sister died and left a will naming her brother as personal representative and waived bond.  DeAngelis Legal prepared, filed and obtained approval of the informal probate of a will application with the Maricopa County Probate Court.  Upon the Letters of Personal Representative [...]

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July 2019 Corporate

Assisted Scottsdale business owner with a comprehensive review of the ownership records and succession plan.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the long-term client to prepare a business succession plan of the Company upon the owner’s death or disability, update the entity's corporate records and prepare an amendment to the Stockholders Agreement.

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July 2019 Estate Planning

Represented Scottsdale attorneys with their core estate planning documents.  DeAngelis Legal assisted the couple with the preparation of an estate plan which named guardians for their minor children, created trusts which deferred the children’s control over the assets and integrated other aspects of the couple’s assets such as retirement accounts, real estate and closely held [...]

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July 2019 Corporate

Scottsdale shareholder of closely held entity identified several corporate issues that needed to be resolved with co-owner.  DeAngelis Legal worked with shareholder and co-owner’s counsel to conduct director meetings and provide solutions to current issues and implement a process for resolving future issues.

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June 2019 Corporate

Current Scottsdale client desired to enter into new business and wanted to separate any liability associated with the new business from other businesses, including a real estate holding company.  DeAngelis Legal advised the client on choice of entity and created a new entity for the business.  In addition, DeAngelis Legal completed the funding of the [...]

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June 2019 Estate Planning

Husband and wife recently relocated to Fountain Hills, Arizona.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed their current estate plan documents, provided comments and suggestions and prepared the documents necessary to overhaul their plan to better achieve their objectives.  DeAngelis Legal also provided the couple with alternative gifting strategies.

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