2017 Q2 Business Planning

The curse of the handshake deal. Few people enter into a new business or transaction expecting to lose money. However, it happens more often than not because the parties have not thought through common issues that can come up and agreed how to resolve them. Afterwards, we hear: “I should have called you before…” “I [...]

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2017 Q2 Estate Planning

Ah spring. With the first set of income tax filings behind us, it is time to think about spring cleaning and summer plans, and estate planning is no different. Take this opportunity to review and assess your personal finances and ask a few questions: 1. Are your investments titled properly to protect you and your [...]

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March, 2017 Real Estate

Real Estate.  Reviewed and negotiated purchase and sale documents for retail shopping center. Client engaged DeAngelis Legal to review buyer's proposed real estate purchase agreement, advise seller as to issues and suggest changes to minimize future liability.  DeAngelis Legal's edits were incorporated into the agreement without objection from buyer or its counsel.

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March, 2017 Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions.  Documented Share Purchase Agreement and related documents.  DeAngelis Legal represented this family held corporate government contractor client for over 20 years.  DeAngelis Legal drafted the documents evidencing the sale of an outside minority shareholder's interest to a key employee on deferred payment terms, with the stock held as security for the promissory [...]

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March, 2017 Estate Planning

Estate Planning.  Amended husband and wife's estate plan to create trust for mother.  Husband and wife built guesthouse on their property for wife’s mother and wanted mother to have the right to live in the residence during her life, but eventually wanted residence to pass to their children.  DeAngelis Legal discussed alternative distribution schemes and [...]

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March, 2017 Trust Administration.

Trust Administration.  Advised trustee with respect to the administration of a trust upon the death of the settlor.  Father died and son was appointed trustee of the family trust.  DeAngelis Legal advised successor trustee as to his responsibilities and duties, assisted trustee to comply with Arizona trust law and provided notice to beneficiaries and creditors, [...]

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February, 2017 Business Services

Business Services.  Represented author with the contract terms and conditions.  Local hospital desired to purchase author’s work.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed and revised the terms and conditions of the contract to protect author’s trademark and copyright claims and other issues.

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February, 2017 Trust Administration.

Trust Administration.  Represented beneficiary with administration of irrevocable trust.  Beneficiary desired to purchase new residence using distributions from an irrevocable trust.  DeAngelis Legal explained the parameters of the trust and proposed alternatives for the beneficiary to achieve her objectives within the terms of the instrument.  DeAngelis Legal also documented the transactions to protect the beneficiary [...]

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February 2017 Estate Planning

Sophisticated Estate Planning. Represented national real estate developer and his spouse with complex estate plan involving properties in several states, illiquid assets and estate tax issues.  DeAngelis Legal discussed the couple’s preferences and objectives, offered alternatives structures and designed and drafted their updated estate plan which included an amended and restated trust, new wills, new [...]

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January, 2017 Estate Planning.

Estate Planning.  Prepared comprehensive estate plan for middle aged couple.  Husband and wife with adult children desired to update their estate plan.  DeAngelis Legal met with the couple to review their objectives and preferences and prepared a comprehensive estate plan including a revocable trust, wills, financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, living wills [...]

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