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Bekki Bottjen’s 5 Year Anniversary

Rebecca "Bekki" Bottjen (pictured above with her wonderful family) celebrated her fifth year with DeAngelis Legal this spring. Bekki is an integral part of the team as she has touched more than 18,000 documents in those years.  Yes, we push a lot of paper.  As a certified paralegal, Bekki enjoys the challenge of sorting out the details [...]

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Arizona’s New LLC Act

Like poppies blooming in the desert after a wet winter, limited liability companies (LLCs) are everywhere and Arizona’s new LLC Act affects all of them as well as their owners and managers.  Arizona’s new LLC Act is based on the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (RULLCA) endorsed by the Uniform Laws Commission. The new [...]

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March 2019 Trust Administration

Represented successor trustee with trust administration.   DeAngelis Legal represented parents with creation of a trust that established sub-trusts for their adult children upon their deaths.  DeAngelis Legal assisted the successor trustee with negotiating and closing the sale of a large Paradise Valley residence, distributing personal property to the beneficiaries, interviewing and selecting an investment advisor, [...]

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March 2019 Tenants In Common Agreement

Represented Scottsdale property manager with the preparation of a Tenants In Common agreement with his sister.  Brother and sister desired to jointly acquire and own Scottsdale real estate.  Rather than holding title to the property in a jointly owned entity, the parties desired to hold title separately as tenants in common to preserve income tax [...]

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February 2019 Trust Administration

Represented Scottsdale beneficiary with the decanting of an irrevocable trust.  DeAngelis Legal previously represented beneficiary with the termination of different trust and updated his estate plan.  Beneficiary’s parents created an irrevocable trust, but the administrative provisions were inflexible.  DeAngelis Legal prepared the documents necessary to decant the trust into a trust with the same beneficiaries, [...]

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February 2019 Corporate Transfers

Represented recently divorced Scottsdale client transfer corporate structure.  DeAngelis Legal previously represented client with respect to his estate plan and corporate structure.  Upon the client’s divorce, he was required to terminate the trust and remove the divorced spouse’s name from the corporate structure.  DeAngelis Legal prepared and filed the necessary documents transferring the structure.

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February 2019 Marital Agreement

Represented Scottsdale spouse with respect to a marital agreement and update to estate plan.  DeAngelis Legal previously represented spouse with respect to the termination of an irrevocable trust.  Spouse, with children from a prior marriage, got engaged and desired to define the rights and obligations of each spouse and update his estate plan prior to [...]

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January 2019 Trust Administration

Represented beneficiary with respect to his interest in irrevocable trust. Beneficiary’s late spouse left her assets in trust for surviving spouse.  DeAngelis Legal analyzed trust terms, explained terms and alternatives to beneficiary and prepared the documents necessary to exercise beneficiary's rights to without amending or terminating the trust.

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January 2019 Corporate Clean Up

Represented two separate clients with a review and clean up of their corporate structure. The first client owned several unrelated businesses in the healthcare industry and the other client was predominately in real estate development.  Both clients wanted to maximize creditor protection while minimizing income taxes.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed each client’s situation, made recommendations and [...]

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