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June 2019 Corporate

Current Scottsdale client desired to enter into new business and wanted to separate any liability associated with the new business from other businesses, including a real estate holding company.  DeAngelis Legal advised the client on choice of entity and created a new entity for the business.  In addition, DeAngelis Legal completed the funding of the [...]

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June 2019 Estate Planning

Husband and wife recently relocated to Fountain Hills, Arizona.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed their current estate plan documents, provided comments and suggestions and prepared the documents necessary to overhaul their plan to better achieve their objectives.  DeAngelis Legal also provided the couple with alternative gifting strategies.

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May 2019 Mergers and Acquisitions

Two separate mid-market Scottsdale corporate clients received Letters of Intent from potential buyers, one to purchase the assets and the other to purchase stock.  DeAngelis Legal assisted the owners of the companies review the terms of the offers and provided comments and suggestions.

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May 2019 Simple Estate Plan

Current client’s mother, a Scottsdale resident, with a modest estate needed a new estate plan.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the mother to create a simple will, financial power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, living will and last instructions.

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May 2019 Trust Administration

Beneficiaries were the victims of bank fraud in Phoenix.  Bank employee embezzled funds from an irrevocable trust for his personal use.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the beneficiaries and the bank to identity fraudulent transactions, complete an audit of the accounts and recover 100% of misappropriated funds and reimbursement of attorney fees incurred.

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April 2019 Corporate

Closely held family owned business in Phoenix implemented a succession plan with prior counsel.  In conjunction with a new credit facility, the company’s bank identified discrepancies in the corporate records.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed the plan, documents and tax records and worked with the company’s CPA's to reconcile the records, prepare the necessary documentation to overhaul [...]

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April 2019 Real Estate

Current Phoenix client held interest in commercial real estate in an LLC with a third party.  Third party desired to dissolve the entity and distribute property to separate entities to preserve future tax flexibility upon sale of property.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed and negotiated proposed Dissolution Agreement and Tenants in Common Agreement drafted by the third [...]

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Bekki Bottjen’s 5 Year Anniversary

Rebecca "Bekki" Bottjen (pictured above with her wonderful family) celebrated her fifth year with DeAngelis Legal this spring. Bekki is an integral part of the team as she has touched more than 18,000 documents in those years.  Yes, we push a lot of paper.  As a certified paralegal, Bekki enjoys the challenge of sorting out the details [...]

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