Updated July 4, 2020

DeAngelis Legal has a unique role in facilitating the transition of wealth between parties in the event of a transaction, death, disability or emergency, therefore we are making every effort to remain open during the COVID-19 national emergency.  Our team is not at risk, but our family members, friends, clients and community members may be harmed by the further spread of the virus, therefore we are monitoring the situation closely and implementing changes as necessary.  A couple of these changes may impact you, including:

  • Minimizing in-person meetings.  We are attempting to replace these meetings with telephone conferences and video calls.
  • New protocols for in-person meetings.
    1. First, we are scheduling more time between meetings and instituting a hard stop at 30 minutes prior to the next meeting to eliminate crossover between clients and allow time for cleaning. To adjust we will expand the window during which we schedule meetings, including early evening hours.
    2. Second, a team member will place a confirmation call to you prior to the meeting asking whether any attendee, or any household member of the attendee, has, in the last 14 days, (a) been in close contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, (b) been to an emergency room or doctor’s office or (c) is exhibiting any symptoms of the virus, including fever, coughing and shortness of breath. We are not physicians and are unable to distinguish between someone with allergies, a common cold or flu and someone who is carrying COVID-19.  If someone responds affirmatively to any of the above items, we will cancel the meeting and make alternative arrangements, such as converting the meeting to a telephone conference or video call, meeting after hours or postponing the meeting to a later date.
    3. Third, upon arrival, we have removed the chairs in the reception and ask that you ring the bell and proceed directly to the conference room. We have also suspended water services during meetings, so please bring your own drinks and dispose of all waste yourself. In addition, we ask that only the parties that will be participating in the meeting come into the office (i.e. no children, driver stays in car if not a client, etc.).
    4. Fourth, in accordance with the Arizona Department of Health Services updated recommendations we will be wearing masks during in person meetings and request as a courtesy to our team that each participant wear a mask as well to prevent the unknowing transfer of the virus for those who are asymptomatic.
    5. Lastly, upon the conclusion of each in-person meeting we are sanitizing the conference room.
  • Will Signing Ceremonies.  We take will signing ceremonies seriously and have implemented a limited touch signing ceremony to protect clients and our team.  For more information on our our will signing protocol see the DeAngelis Legal Will Signing Video.
  • Office Schedule.  Previously we scheduled team hours to have plenty of overlap.  This policy maximized the coverage during our busiest hours of the day and promoted communication and training among team members.  Unfortunately, this overlap potentially could further spread the virus, therefore we have modified our team schedule to stagger shifts.  This may cause a delay in response time, especially if the team member you are working with is out of the office at the time of the inquiry.  We appreciate your patience as we work through these scheduling issues.
  • Document Delivery.  We are utilizing more electronic delivery of documents.  We are also suspending the ability of clients to pick up documents and will be mailing all original documents through the United States Postal Service with tracking.

Please do not be offended by these in-person meeting changes as they are being implemented to protect you and our community.  We believe the above changes are measured and appropriate under the circumstances so that we remain open.  However, each day brings new information and we will adapt to those changes as appropriate so we can continue to provide high quality legal services in a timely and efficient manner.  For more information on the virus please see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Johns Hopkins University, Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Governor’s Executive Orders

From all of us at DeAngelis Legal, please stay healthy.