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October 2021 Entity Formation

DeAngelis Legal created several new entities this month in a variety of industries.  A couple corporations and several limited liability companies (LLCs).  The proper choice of entity and its proper tax character (c-corporation, s-corporation, partnership or disregarded entity) is largely driven by liability protection, the entity’s purpose and industry (i.e., real estate holding company, operating [...]

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September 2021 Corporate Review

DeAngelis Legal performed a corporate review of the structure and records of several new clients and proposed recommended changes to confirm with each client’s operations and objectives.  The clients created several entities over the years, creating a rat’s nest of entities.  Separate entities provide enhanced creditor protection, but owners need to adhere to corporate formalities [...]

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July 2018 Corporate Restructure

Represented long time Phoenix couple with the review, restructure and funding of various real estate holding companies.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the client to identify his risk tolerance and created the plan to insulate the couple’s other assets from liability and increase the liability protection between properties.  The plan used their existing entities to the [...]

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Contract Documentation

Contract Documentation Contract documentation is another way to minimize risk.  Whether it is a core business contract or the construction of a personal residence, most contracts understandably focus on price and payment terms, but the other “boilerplate” provisions are equally important.  Every month we prepare or review contracts that attempt to shift the responsibility [...]

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Legal Structure

 Legal Structure The proper titling of assets combined with entities and irrevocable trusts can significantly enhance the protection of your assets and your family’s wealth.  This does not mean that everyone needs a complex pre-packaged structure of entities and trusts.  In fact, we spend a significant amount of time unwinding these complex structures because [...]

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Education and Training

Education Everything starts with education, and we are not just talking about learning about asset protection.  In the protecting wealth context, education involves creating a culture around you that values safety, compliance, risk assessment and mitigation.  This includes your business owners, employees and family members.  Let’s explore what can be done prior to an [...]

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January 2018 Corporate Structure and Insurance Review

Represented company with a review of their corporate structure, operations and insurance of a closely held company.  Over the years the client had created several ancillary business which provided unnecessary income tax and insurance implications.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the client’s owners, accountants and insurance agents to resolve issues and propose alternative structure simplifying the [...]

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