May 2020 Entity Formation

DeAngelis Legal formed several new entities from standard real estate holding companies to entities created to capitalize on opportunities caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.  DeAngelis Legal assisted the clients in identifying the correct entity, including the clients' perspectives on privacy, liability protection, complexity and income tax preferences.  DeAngelis Legal prepared the formation documents including articles [...]

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November 2019 Corporate Dissolutions

Represented several clients with the formal dissolution of their closely held entities.  A dentist, an anesthesiologist and a real estate investor all had wound down their operations and chose to formally dissolve their entities with the corporation commission to cut off future creditors.  DeAngelis Legal assisted each client with the preparation of a plan of [...]

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Choice of Entity – Types and Uses of Legal Entities

Choice of Entity The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed in December of 2017 reduced the income tax rate on corporations and pass through entities.  The Act, coupled with an increase in business activity in Arizona, has created a lot of questions about the appropriate choice of entity, i.e., what is the best type of [...]

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June 2018 Formation of Entities

Represented several different entrepreneurs with the formation of entities in the medical and construction industries. DeAngelis Legal assisted with the entity selection, structure and prepared the necessary formation documents for the entities which included a comprehensive shareholders agreement, bylaws and employment agreements for one entity and an operating agreement for the other.

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