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March 2023 Life Insurance Trust  

During the review and update of a new high net-worth Scottsdale couple’s estate plan, DeAngelis Legal identified a potentially large estate tax obligation caused by life insurance owned by the couple.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the couple and their insurance advisor to identify and evaluate alternatives, which included an evaluation of how much life insurance [...]

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Pandemic Planning for Individuals

DeAngelis Legal's pandemic planning for individuals is a list of topics you should address in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.  For topics related to businesses see Pandemic Planning for Businesses. CARES Act for Individuals. The CARES Act has many provisions benefiting individuals. These pandemic planning topics are wide ranging from the much discussed rebates, to lesser [...]

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August 2018 Corporate Planning

Represented closely held business with the preparation of comprehensive shareholders agreement.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the owners of the company, CPA and insurance advisors to address issues and concerns and offer alternatives.  DeAngelis Legal also drafted the Shareholders Agreement with trustee provisions, voting agreements, transferability restrictions and buy-sell provisions upon death and disability.

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April 2018 Termination of Irrevocable Trust and Estate Plan Update

Represented couple with the termination of an irrevocable trust, re-assignment of a life insurance policy and overhaul of their estate plan documents.  Over the last thirty years the couple accumulated a hodgepodge of entities and trusts.  DeAngelis reviewed the documents, proposed and implemented a re-organization of their estate plan, including the termination of an irrevocable [...]

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November 2017 Sophisticated Estate Planning

November 2017 Sophisticated Estate Planning Designed, drafted and implemented sophisticated estate plan for couple with one child and estate tax issues.  The estate plan included a complex revocable trust providing for survivor’s, marital and decedent’s trusts as well as an irrevocable life insurance trust or ILIT (see Advanced Estate Planning Tools) to hold a large life [...]

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