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October 2022 LLC Operating Agreement Review

DeAngelis Legal performed a comprehensive review and edit of a proposed multi-member LLC operating agreement on behalf a new client.  The client asked DeAngelis Legal to provide input on the operating agreement.  DeAngelis Legal provided a memo with additional questions and substantive comments and edits regarding management, capital contributions, purchase options and purchase price valuation.

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October 2021 Entity Formation

DeAngelis Legal created several new entities this month in a variety of industries.  A couple corporations and several limited liability companies (LLCs).  The proper choice of entity and its proper tax character (c-corporation, s-corporation, partnership or disregarded entity) is largely driven by liability protection, the entity’s purpose and industry (i.e., real estate holding company, operating [...]

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Buy-Sell Provisions – What is Appraised Market Value?

Buy-Sell Provisions – What is Appraised Market Value? LLC operating agreements, LLP partnership agreements, and corporation shareholder agreements all contain buy-sell provisions. These provisions grant options to purchase or require purchase of an ownership interest upon certain events such as termination of employment, death, disability, divorce, bankruptcy, etc. (the “triggering events”) in situations where the [...]

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July 2020 Operating Agreement

Prepared an amended and restated operating agreement between equal owners of an Arizona limited liability company.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed and evaluated owners’ objectives and prepared a compressive operating agreement that incorporated the new LLC law which applies to existing entities as of September 1, 2020.  For more on the new law see https://www.deangelislegal.com/arizonas-new-llc-act/  The operating agreement [...]

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April 2018 Arizona LLC Act signed into law April 10, 2018

Quinn has been participating on the State Bar's Business Law Section committee reviewing and drafting Arizona's new Limited Liability Company Act that was signed into law April 10, 2018. He is also on the panel of speakers introducing the legislation at the State Bar Convention in June. The Act does not become effective until September [...]

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