From simple plans for young families to tax planning strategies for sophisticated estates, our experience and expertise coupled with our friendly, confidential and sincere demeanor will ensure the creation of a plan that is perfect for your family.



We have been successfully representing Arizona businesses and their owners since 1992. From start-ups to firmly established businesses, we can guide you through what is needed to meet your objectives with practical, well-organized advice.



“Meetings with Quinn are always relaxed and very informative. He makes sure that you understand all the implications of what you are doing and does it without pushing.”
“Working with Quinn and his staff was wonderful. All documents were created and explained in terms that we could easily understand. All our questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Everything was organized clearly and all appointments were quick and to the point.”
“He is direct and well versed in the information he provides. He is professional and always available when I have urgent legal needs.”
“I liked that he was competent in the state statutes needed to Probate my father’s estate in Arizona. He took care of all the paperwork and gave good advice on how to proceed.”
“Very smart and professional, but still personable and approachable. Expert at helping negotiate difficult areas to achieve most satisfactory legal outcomes. Quinn is a pleasure to work with!”
“He is forthright, honest, thorough, explains issues in a manner that is very understandable, readily available, empathic and knowledgeable.”
“Quinn is exceptional in his ability to know just how to help different people in different situations. I feel very comfortable in discussing any issue with Quinn and knowing I will get a well thought out explanation. Because I know him personally, I would always feel comfortable in recommending him to someone who needs legal matters.”
“On the rare occasion where I had a dispute with someone he always had a way of suggesting alternative solutions rather than involving a lawyer. Saves me time and money and the situations were resolved.”
“Technically strong and very good at explaining complex topics. He was great at simplifying everything and using examples to help us make critical decisions.”

Recent Projects

August 2016 Business Services

Formed several entities to hold real estate investments.  Middle aged executive and his wife desired to shield their personal assets from their real estate investments and simplify the management of their real estate activities in connection with their estate plan which DeAngelis Legal had previously prepared.  Working with their financial advisor and CPA, DeAngelis Legal established several limited liability companies in a structure that isolated the liability risk and streamlined management in a tax efficient manner. 

June, 2017 Informal Probate.

June, 2017 Informal Probate.  Prepared and filed documents for informal probate of will and appointment of personal representative with the Probate Court.  DeAngelis legal assisted two separate clients obtain Letters of Personal Representative from the Probate Court, even though the decedents had valid trusts created [...]

May, 2017 Real Estate and Estate Planning

Real Estate and Estate Planning.  Assisted trust beneficiary with a co-tenancy agreement with the sister for a family vacation home.  DeAngelis Legal successfully drafted, negotiated and implemented the agreement which addressed the use, financial obligations, transfer restrictions, valuation and arbitration of issues related to the [...]

May, 2017 Sophisticated Estate Planning.

Estate Planning.  Reviewed and provided recommendations for a sophisticated estate plan including a revocable trust, family limited partnership, and 10 irrevocable trusts.  DeAngelis Legal prepared a comprehensive summary of the current plan, its strengths and weaknesses and provided a detailed outline for updating and streamlining the [...]

March, 2017 Trust Administration.

Trust Administration.  Advised trustee with respect to the administration of a trust upon the death of the settlor.  Father died and son was appointed trustee of the family trust.  DeAngelis Legal advised successor trustee as to his responsibilities and duties, assisted trustee to comply with [...]

February 2017 Estate Planning

Sophisticated Estate Planning. Represented national real estate developer and his spouse with complex estate plan involving properties in several states, illiquid assets and estate tax issues.  DeAngelis Legal discussed the couple’s preferences and objectives, offered alternatives structures and designed and drafted their updated estate plan [...]

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