Represented surviving children with administration of trust.  Husband and wife each had children from a previous marriage and entered into a trust agreement which became irrevocable upon the first spouse’s death.  Successor trustees engaged DeAngelis Legal to assist them with the administration of the trust and provide solutions for a beneficiary designation that was rejected by the IRA custodian.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the trustees, beneficiaries and IRA custodian to provide alternatives, negotiate and implement a solution acceptable to all parties.  The solution created separate IRA accounts for the trust’s beneficiaries.  The separate IRA accounts permitted the beneficiaries to manage their respect share separately and use the life expectancy of the oldest beneficiary.  While the distribution period of non-spouse beneficiaries has been reduced to 10 years under the SECURE ACT (see SECURE Act Impact on Trusts), the creation of separate accounts is a useful tool to allow trustees and beneficiaries to clean up a less than perfect beneficiary designation.