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August 2022 Corporate Records Clean Up

DeAngelis Legal reviewed the corporate records of a client who created several entities on their own.  DeAngelis Legal prepared missing and updated documents necessary to satisfy the title company’s requirements.  The documents included amendments to operating agreements, member consents and a deed.

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September 2021 Corporate Review

DeAngelis Legal performed a corporate review of the structure and records of several new clients and proposed recommended changes to confirm with each client’s operations and objectives.  The clients created several entities over the years, creating a rat’s nest of entities.  Separate entities provide enhanced creditor protection, but owners need to adhere to corporate formalities [...]

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Keeping Corporate Records

Time and time again we are asked to re-create the corporate records of an entity. The fire drill is ignited by the need for financing, a large asset transaction, an IRS audit, an impending sale of the business or litigation. Business owners lose their mind that these seeming inconsequential items are holding up the transaction [...]

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August 2020 Corporate Records

Quinn was called as witness in litigation between two owners of a closely held entity. Quinn had previously represented a party to the litigation with the review and analysis of the corporate records and identified several irregularities with the records. Unfortunately, the parties could not resolve the issues and the dispute ended up in litigation. [...]

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May 2020 Corporate Dissolution

DeAngelis Legal dissolved several entities that had either sold their assets or had terminated their business operations.  Taking the time to formally and correctly terminate the entity with the Arizona Corporation Commission reduces the risk of identity fraud and accelerates the statute of limitations so future claims are barred.  DeAngelis Legal advised the owners on [...]

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April 2019 Corporate

Closely held family owned business in Phoenix implemented a succession plan with prior counsel.  In conjunction with a new credit facility, the company’s bank identified discrepancies in the corporate records.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed the plan, documents and tax records and worked with the company’s CPA's to reconcile the records, prepare the necessary documentation to overhaul [...]

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September 2018 Merger and Acquisitions

Represented company with the preparation of the documents necessary to evidence the purchase and sale of shares of family owned business.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the company to clean up its books and records and prepared the stock purchase agreement and ancillary documents evidencing the sale.  DeAngelis Legal also incorporated opposing counsel’s comments and suggestions [...]

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