April 2020 Estate Planning

Not surprisingly, DeAngelis Legal devoted much of the month of April preparing and finalizing estate plans for physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers in preparation for Arizona's COVID-19 outbreak.  Everything from simple wills to complex trusts, most of which was done on an expedited basis given the COVID-19 crisis.  Preparing these plans required balancing social [...]

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March 2020 General Business

DeAngelis Legal assisted its business clients with a variety of COVID-19 related issues.  These ranged from employee matters, reviewing and negotiating forbearance agreements with lenders and landlords and interpreting force majeure clauses.  We are only scratching the surface of the impact the virus is going to have on businesses and their operations going forward.

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DeAngelis Legal COVID-19 Response

Updated August 24, 2021 DeAngelis Legal has a unique role in facilitating the transition of wealth between parties in the event of a transaction, death, disability or emergency, therefore we are making every effort to remain open during the COVID-19 national emergency.  Our team and families have been vaccinated, but our family members, friends, clients [...]

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