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June 2022 Complex Trust Administration

June marked the end of a four year complex trust administration odyssey.  This administration could have been a television show, as it had every intrigue you can imagine - power struggles, illiquid assets, environmental claims, a defunct closely held business with unpaid claims, an injunction preventing the sale of real estate, property tax claims, third [...]

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February 2018 Trust Administration

Assisted three separate surviving spouses with the administration of their trusts.  After the death of their spouses, each of their revocable trusts became irrevocable, necessitating the allocation of assets between trusts.  DeAngelis Legal assisted each spouse to satisfy the requirements of successor trustee under Arizona law, took actions to minimize risk of future claims by [...]

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November 2017 Trust Administration

November 2017 Trust Administration Represented surviving spouse with allocation of assets among sub-trusts upon the death of spouse.  DeAngelis Legal assisted the surviving spouse in wrapping up the affairs of the deceased spouse and allocating the assets between the Survivor’s and Decedent’s trusts.  DeAngelis Legal also assisted the surviving spouse with an update to her [...]

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