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Money Makes Money

“Money makes money. And the money that makes money, makes more money.” Benjamin Franklin This centuries old quote by our founding father could not be more appropriate today. Millions of Americans are out of work, surviving on government subsidies and yet the stock market and real estate market are approaching historic highs. Those with capital [...]

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Planning for Trust Administration

Trust Administration Administrating a trust post-death should be as easy as your successor trustee accepting the responsibility for the trust, taking control of the assets, satisfying creditors and following the trust’s distribution provisions. Unfortunately, we are seeing longer administration times, most of which could have been greatly reduced with minimal upfront planning. Recent examples we [...]

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The Letter of Intent

After the confidentiality agreement, the Letter of Intent is the next step in the sale of a business and is intended to be a non-binding document which outlines the material deal points of the transaction. Sellers want to know what the material terms of the offer are, and Buyers want to know that their [...]

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July 2019 Corporate

Assisted Scottsdale business owner with a comprehensive review of the ownership records and succession plan.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the long-term client to prepare a business succession plan of the Company upon the owner’s death or disability, update the entity's corporate records and prepare an amendment to the Stockholders Agreement.

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April 2019 Corporate

Closely held family owned business in Phoenix implemented a succession plan with prior counsel.  In conjunction with a new credit facility, the company’s bank identified discrepancies in the corporate records.  DeAngelis Legal reviewed the plan, documents and tax records and worked with the company’s CPA's to reconcile the records, prepare the necessary documentation to overhaul [...]

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December Mergers and Acquisitions

Represented closely held Arizona Seller in the sale of assets of online business in the health care industry. DeAngelis Legal assisted Seller in the review and negotiation of an asset purchase agreement, noncompete and related documents with respect to an online health care educational company. DeAngelis Legal also assisted with the closing of the transaction. [...]

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November Corporate Planning

Represented high net worth Scottsdale couple owning numerous closely held business and real estate interests with a comprehensive review of their corporate plan. DeAngelis Legal reviewed current terms and structure and made significant recommendations to maximize creditor protection, minimize estate taxes and facilitate administration of structure upon a death or disability of the couple.  DeAngelis Legal [...]

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March 2018 LLC Operating Agreement

Represented owners of closely held business with the preparation of a comprehensive LLC operating agreement.  Entrepreneurs wanted to resolve ownership and operation issues with respect to their new online apparel and health website.  DeAngelis Legal met with the owners to determine their objectives, provided alternative solutions and prepared a comprehensive operating agreement documenting their preferences [...]

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January 2018 Corporate Structure and Insurance Review

Represented company with a review of their corporate structure, operations and insurance of a closely held company.  Over the years the client had created several ancillary business which provided unnecessary income tax and insurance implications.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the client’s owners, accountants and insurance agents to resolve issues and propose alternative structure simplifying the [...]

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