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January 2018 Estate Plan for Multi-National Family Business Owners

Represented family with the implementation of coordinated estate plans for father and two married sons with assets in the United States and Mexico.  Family owns farms and equipment in Mexico and real estate and businesses in the United States.  DeAngelis Legal worked with the family’s corporate attorney to create an integrated succession plan and separate, [...]

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July, 2017 Succession Planning

July 2017 Succession Planning. Documented the exercise of a put option established under a previous comprehensive succession plan for long time family owned business.  The company purchased the remaining interests of a minority shareholder, consolidating ownership and creating liquidity for the departing owner.  DeAngelis Legal previously worked with the business to establish the succession plan [...]

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April, 2017 Corporate.

Corporate.  Assisted new client with the update to the corporate structure of their family entities.  The structure included a variety of entities with several operating companies, real estate holding companies and an investment company.  DeAngelis Legal assisted the family to limit liability exposure between entities, consolidate management and facilitate the transfer of control and ownership [...]

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